Campus Environment

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An inviting campus environment

DTU aims to create a university enviromnent with af diverse and visible life in and among the buildings. With the landscape, architecture and sustainable mobility as the backdrop, a mix of functions and activities can unfold and contribute to an attractive campus environment. 

The university environment at DTU

Transforming DTU is also about the space between and around the buildings on DTU’s campuses. About creating environments which encourage people to meet—for breaks, discussion, and social interaction.

DTU is blessed with a huge campus area, but the scale, the stringent campus structure, and the very large open spaces and wide roads mean that it can be a challenge to create places where people enjoy spending time.


Hand in hand with many of the large construction projects being completed and the main construction sites being dismantled, the surrounding outdoor areas need to be reconceived and recreated as appealing spaces between the buildings.

We are continually testing out different ideas and solutions for how we can improve the campus for students and employees alike, among other things with pop-up environments and street food.


To create a more dynamic environment between the buildings on Lyngby Campus and to liven up the squares and open spaces, in 2016 DTU established a range of pop-up environments.

A hammock woods in a small grove, a ‘lunchbox garden’ in one of the large open spaces, and various pieces of specially designed furniture for sitting on beside the large auditorium buildings. Together with the four street food stalls, the temporary environments help to form an idea of how we can develop the areas to ensure an attractive campus environment.
The latest pop-up environment was established in spring 2019, and is a ‘Hops Garden’ at Produktionstorvet.

Street Food

As part of the pop-up environments, DTU offers street food at DTU Lyngby Campus.

Four street food kiosks have been established on campus, where students and employees can informally meet whenever they feel peckish. Each quadrant at Lyngby Campus has its own street food kiosk, where you can choose between Indian and Korean cuisine, Japanese street food, and food from Turkish climes. Once a year, the four street food trucks switch places, and new ones are added.

Find the kiosks here.

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A green campus

The landscape is part of the University’s identity, and must be maintained and strengthened. A scenic campus has a positive impact on learning, well-being, and stress reduction, and also offers benefits in relation to adapting to climate change.

Read more about the visions behind the landscape.

'Hops Garden'

See the video about the 'Hops Garden', which was established in spring 2019.